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  1. Hello Cindy I’ working on a book of world wide land art and geoglyphs and I’d like to use one of your pictures. Could you please provide more information about the large face on the side of the mountain in the Puka Pukara area on your web site (can-you-see-animal-shapes-symbolic-ones-and-furry-ones-peru-). Where is it located? You say it is an “Easily discernible is the llama/alpaca” Do you have a better picture of this face. The image on your site is cut off at the top.

    George J Haas

    • Hi George – will be happy to provide you with as much info as I can have – all my Peru photos are still on a memoy card so i can re download to try to get a better image than the one in the blog. Send me a private message on Facebook with an email address to send pic and info to. Cindy

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