During my visit to Boston during the last week of December, the weather was arctic – below zero windchills and snow showers.  Still, armed with multiple layers of insulation I was able to do a little sightseeing on foot, on water and in the air at the Prudential Center Skywalk Observatory. There, at 729 feet elevation I had a panoramic view of all of Boston.  And, given the clouds and/or rather watery sunlight when the sun did appear, it also provided an opportunity to do some black and white photography, So without further ado, here is my view of Boston in black and white and color.

Boston has a long and varied history and its architecture is a mix of old and new:








The Harbour and River – I am always most happy when near bodies of water and even in freezing cold Boston did not disappoint. The Charles River is  80 miles long  and flows northeasterly, starting in eastern Massachusetts and ending in the Atlantic Ocean at Boston Harbour.  Even frozen,  as parts were during my stay,  it was  quite beautiful.


Multi-Media – There were even a few splashes of wild color  in the midst of the freeze, although I had to go indoors to see then in the Hall of Science:

Finally,   there was this iconic edifice:

Thanks Boston for a most wonderful time!

Being a New Yorker I think it quite magnanimous of me to close with the above pics.