I am off on a  hiking and spa adventure in the Northern Lake region of Italy, including Lake Como, Maggiore and Orta.  I sincerely hope the impending nuptials of George Clooney will not impede my travels there – even though he SAYS they are getting married in Venice, I am not quite believing i.e. :-).  This trip should be the perfect storm of activity:   2-4 hours of hiking everyday, taking in the sites of renaissance villages, alpine wildflowers, semi-tropical gardens, mountaintop meadows and crystal clear waters, along with tastings of the marvelous food and (lots and lots of) wine (and gelato) of the region and indulging in “mediterranean ritual massages and emotional waterfalls” (not quite sure what these are but that is the description in the brochure sounds heavenly) in the spas of our magnificent hotels.

In the past – “pre-blog” –  I have sent my family and friends daily journals that described each days highlights.  I am hoping to use “CHASING DREAMS” in this capacity for this and other upcoming trips so you can travel along with me.  Due to the time difference of about 6 hours, I frankly don’t know whether I will be able to post everyday – particularly since this is going to be a very physically active trip. What I will promise you, however are daily photos – if have been reading my posts you know that photography is another ongoing passion of mine.  So please visit  my instagram site:  


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Let me tease you with three images – the first two show one of our hotels, the third just a beautiful view of Lake Como:








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