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Today is also my first year anniversary posting weekly on my blog, CHASING DREAMS and I can honestly say the experience has been beyond my expectations.  It’s been so much fun to discover new passions,  researching more information about the places I have gone and wonders I have seen, and as the cherry at the top, getting to share these adventures and discoveries with you.

It has also been very satisfying to have mastered (I use this word very lightly, – there are many techniques about this medium that I am still learning) – the art of blog posting:  learning how to format, edit, integrate links and videos and more have been a major accomplishment for me and I sincerely hope to be able to add improvements to my site in the coming year to make your reading experience even more enjoyable.

And so on to year 2! In 2015 I already have a bunch of activities and trips lined up and am working on more.  In addition, I want to revisit some of the promises I have made in previous posts vis-a-vis writing about old and new obsessions, including but not limited to such topics as:

Recurring Themes:

When Things don’t Go as Planned (WTDGAP)

Intriguing Sites Close to Home

Man-Made Beauty

Favorite Wonders (So Far)

Off the Beaten Path

Childhood Haunts

Odds and Ends Obsessions:

Chaucer was a dirty old man

Egyptian hieroglyphics

Native American Culture

Dr. Seuss and his wacky, wonderful use of language


 Also, if there is a topic, place,  etc you would like to see me investigate and report about -PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!  I would love to add a READER REQUEST section if there is interest. Also, please make sure you click inserts (noted by BLUE letters) and  videos to fully enjoy my posts – all have been vetted to be safe and free from internet bugs and stuff.

Here is a tease for a major hiking trip I will be taking later this year:


So once again let me wish you all a Happy, Healthy New Year full of love and adventure!


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