This year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Vegas has concluded and as usual, the collection of new ideas in the fields of technology, electronics and just basic NERDISM has been diverse.  Today I bring you my choices for the most unusual (take a look at my post on CES 2014 for comparison) as well as one “Seriously??” candidate.  Sadly none of my “likes” from last year have gone mainstream – but I stand by my selections – the innovative/creative factors win me over every time.

SMART BLING WEARABLES:  There has been a quantum leap this year in smart wearables – what better way to lure women and men into spending money on something that is obviously not necessary by making it physically attractive (there’s a deeper conversation here – but not for this blog).  A number of companies have figured this out and have produced some very sparkly wearables.  These are my faves:

SWAROVSKI – This well-known maker of brilliantly cut crystals have put their baubles on a number of oh so pretty smart “bracelets.”  Here is the “Misfit Shine,” which is a motion and sleep monitor along with a time display.  It can also be worn as a pendant:

Screen_Shot_2015-01-05_at_1.07.15_PM IMG_0921


INTEL  – Not to be outdone – Intel has partnered with Opening Ceremony to create a $500 bracelet monitor – complete with snake-skin and its own phone number. It’s being hawked as the first “luxury” smart bracelet. It’s in 18K gold with a sapphire glass touchscreen display where you can screen messages as well as calendar and contact alerts.  The bracelet is called MICA: My intelligent Communication Accessory.  Can we all say pretentious:


CELLINI – Even the high-end fashion jeweler Cellini has gotten into the act partnering with consumer electronic company CSR on this gorgeous pendant. Containing bluetooth technology, this pendant can interface with your smartphone and with an app the LED light in the pendant can be changed to better match your mood or wardrobe.  It can also flash or vibrate to let the wearer know there’s an incoming call.  I love this point as I would rather keep my smartphone in my purse at a function – and this provides, will perhaps not-so-discreet alert. And its beautiful – here is just one sample:




Men can join in on this smartblingfest too with  the BELTY .  This item should definitely advertise right before Thanksgiving, Christmas and the 4th of July, as its sensors can tell how much you’ve eaten or exercised and adjusts itself tighter or looser to accommodate your actions (or lack of):


BACK TO TECH – I am not just intrigued by girly things – the nerd/tech/geek in me also appreciates new gadgetry – even if its selling point is not terribly useful.  For example, I LOVE these  LEVITATING SPEAKERS:


The Air2, pronounced Air Squared — has two parts, the base and the floating disc. The floating speaker has a microphone as well as a micro-USB port, which connects to the USB slot on the  base for charging. I could let you think that someone hired David Blaine for this, but in reality the speaker levitates by use of magnets.  Still visually stunning.

While I can appreciate something for its beauty or uniqueness alone I cannot in good conscience find a reason for this next idea – the return of THE WALKMAN, which receives my  SERIOUSLY???  award:

The Old



The New



What’s new?  It has 128GB storage, a touchscreen display, it can connect to the internet and supposedly has superior sound.  But wait, it gets more bizarre.  The cost for this upgraded music player is $1100.00!! SERIOUSLY???

Not only am I  totally incredulous reading that Sony feels that the world is clamoring for the return of the Walkman, but upon looking at its price tag I wonder whether this is some elaborate hoax.  Is North Korea messing with Sony again?

Lastly I want to include a business that doesn’t involve technology per se, but it does  bill  itself as the Unofficial Brothel of CES: Sheri’s Ranch.  The Ranch  is a legal brothel about 65 miles west of Las Vegas and is set on 310 acres.  Now I frankly don’t know if this brothel is unique in this aspect, but its “employees” use social media including Twitter and Facebook to advertise their personas – they can’t market their “business” on social media even though they are a legal brothel.  LinkedIn refuses to let the employees have  LinkedIn accounts,. but despite the brothel’s business shot up (no pun) over 70% during CES week.

I don’t have any pictures of Sheri’s Ranch, but with your indulgence will provide a pic of what some consider to be standard:



Have any of you attended CES?  Opinions on what you saw/read about the newest offerings? Did any of you visit Sheri’s Ranch?  I will understand if you don’t want to answer that last one.


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