The WTDGAP moments in this week’s post were definitely not fun – in fact  some included considerable pain, both physical and mental when they occurred.  Still, upon reflection LATER ON they not only became bittersweet memories but also symbols of successfully overcoming unplanned for events.




The first WTDGAP moment  predated even my packing lists for the Galapagos.  Originally we had planned our trip for late September/early October until I learned that a blessed event in the family was due around the same time.  No worries, I was able to find an earlier date and made all the travel arrangements.  I had even gone as far (yes OCD reared its head again) as to request specific rooms in one hotel that had uniquely decorated units with accompanying intriguing names:  “Flamingo,” “Ocean Breeze,” “Southern Cross,” etc.

Then I received this notice:

As you know, Cindy, we had received confirmation from the *redacted* hotel yesterday before taking your reservation. This morning however, we were informed that the room had been oversold to us in error. We know that this hotel, specifically, was an element of the tour that you had been anticipating, so we want to make sure that we can find a solution that makes sense, and something that you can share just as much excitement toward. If, ultimately, this means moving your departure to another date, we are more than happy to assist you with that. As an alternative option though, and if you would still like to travel on this departure date, we would be delighted to have you stay at one of our favorite properties on Santa Cruz: Finch Bay.

Moving to another date wasn’t an option and I didn’t really mind staying in a different hotel than the rest of my fellow travelers as the two hotels in question are within a short walk from each other.  What I got in return for flexibility is this:

You might recognize that pool as the one that I shared with a beautiful blue heron.

Our room:

Our view:

The poolbar also made excellent Pisco Sours which we imbibed freely when we hosted a small cocktail party with some of our fellow travelers.  Not bad for a WTDGAP moment!


Our second Galapagos port of call was Isabella Island and we stayed at hotel at the edge of one of the National Parks.  Amenities also included a deck and swimming pool that looked out towards the beach where many marine iguanas laid in the sand soaking up the heat of the sun.

You might remember my interaction with a small lava lizard from an earlier post – at this same pool:


We stayed at this hotel for a few days. On the first day, after visiting the giant tortoises we had a few hours to relax before going out for a hike to the Los Gemelos forest.  I decided to do a few laps in the pool.

Let me preface this next part to state I did not drink a cocktail previous to my swim.  As I headed into the water, despite the railing:

I wiped out on the steps.

I attempted to prevent my fall by toe-planting – however the steps, although shallow were in my estimation quite slick.  And, due to my flexible digits, my toe simply folded under my foot and splat.

More embarrassed than hurt (I thought at the time) I went on with my laps – but discovered in a later chat with some other tourists that they too had wiped out – but since they had quite a few beers I thought they were just tipsy.  Meanwhile, I  had no problem during my hike other than a few twinges, but the next morning:

Again I was more embarrassed than angry and didn’t mention it to my guide until he noticed my colorful toe later in the trip.  Alfredo  was a bit annoyed with my not telling him as he would have certainly gone to the hotel’s manager – I didn’t think it was a big deal until, after returning home and looking at the hotel website I noted these older pictures of the pool:

No handrail.

And, on TripAdvisor, a number of comments about wiping out at the pool.

Conclusion? I can add a few more pre-trip research projects before my next journey, but at the end of the day it is impossible to forecast all that will happen.

A few more emotional WTDGAP moments next week.









  1. Interesting – I wouldn’t expect things to go as planned somewhere as remote and unique as the Galapagos. Your foot must have been painful – hope it healed quickly.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your comments. – I never expect things to go as planned, regardless of the journey, but the Galapagos remoteness certainly added to the probability. However the good news is that the toe looked more painful that it actually was – I was able to hike 6 miles up a slippery and heavily inclined terrain to a volcano caldera within a day.

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