My first journey to Costa Rica was many years ago, when the country was first beginning to develop ecotourism.  It was definitely a work in progress.   While nature provided its amazing show of diversity and beauty, the accommodations were a bit rustic, to say the least.  At one “hotel” the rooms were set up in a four pod configuration – with the walls not connecting to the ceiling – the six inch space allowed for some circulation of air. There was no air conditioning, and we were warned to keep all bags locked /sealed and off the floor if possible – unless we wanted to have a creepy crawly surprise come out when we got back home.

Taking a shower was quite an adventure.  One day we had taken a “mud hike” up a small mountain.  It was after rainy season so the ground was pretty mushy – we wore knee-high rubber boots and gloves. Going up the mountain was not a problem – but coming down was more a slip-and-slide on our butts. The gloves provided protection in case we needed to grab onto a tree or bush to prevent a precipitous fall, for the red fire ants that crawled there carried a vicious bite.  Nevertheless we had a great time, but we were literally covered from head to toe in mud after we finished.  All ran to our showers, only to realize that the water pressure would not withstand heavy use – and all that came out of the shower heads were a few lonely drops.  Good thing we were all in the same predicament – we made an interesting picture that night at dinner. Unfortunately (or maybe not) no one took a photo.

This time  our hotels are all eco-friendly and have full force showers and full walls.


The creepy crawlies, ants and mud will undoubtedly still be there.


Chasing Dreams will be on hiatus for the next few weeks, but you can view teaser photos on my instagram account @cgurmann, pending internet connections.



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