“I Spy” was a favorite game to past the time while traveling in the car with my parents and it has continued to be a kid favorite through succeeding generations. However while the answer to clues given are usually well known and easily identifiable items from daily life, there is also another similar puzzle that many enjoy working out.  And the great thing about this is that there is no wrong answer – it is based entirely on your imagination.

As a photographer I have often taken a photo of something I thought was there – like a leopard in a tree, only to discover it was actually just a tree branch.  This perception, seeing a pattern, shapes, faces etc in inanimate objects is known as pareidolia.  It can be a frustration/disappointment  such as with my supposed jaguar (I did find one later on, as I regaled in a previous post) pareidolia can also be totally engaging and fascinating.

Take the lead photo – I was taking photos of changeable clouds after a storm, and only realized what I had gotten when I uploaded to my laptop.  What do you see?  To me, I had captured the elusive Loch Ness Monster.

Here are some others- what do you see ?  Remember there is no incorrect answer, but I will add my opinions at the end of this post.

This was some macro work I did after an ice storm:


The next set was taken  in New Zealand:


Ollantaytambo fortress/ temple  – Peru:



Capri, Italy


Home in NYC:



And some fun ones from the internet:




There are lots more to come!




*Dinosaur, Gorilla, King of the Mountain, Crouching Eagle, Duck, Dragon, Whirling Dervish Dancers, Flying Bird

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