Many of my friends and readers remember my Yorkie Jackson, who filled my heart and world for 13 fun filled years.  He may have been small, but had the heart and attitude of much larger dog.  He was more  human centric than dog centric.  His best doggie friend  happened to be a Bull-Mastiff – Jax had to stand on his tippy toes to smell his butt – they truly loved each other. Jax looked at most other dogs with disdain. He was a character:

Jax’s passing hit me hard – and it took over 5 years before I could even consider getting another dog. Then, one day in late June of last year, my daughter sent a picture of a friend’s new puppy – a Cavapoo which is half Cavalier Spaniel and half Poodle. There was something about this breed that spoke to me and when I went on the website of the nursery and saw Vee, I was immediately and forever smitten:

When I went to see her in person I knew this was a done deal::

Since Vee was so young I had to make some arrangements in my home, as she wasn’t supposed to be exposed to other dogs , etc until she got her rabies shot in  September, so I decided to make her a condo where she would have her bed, food, water, toys and the all important wee wee pad:

Vee checked it out and took immediate possession::

Now as a baby, until she had better control of her bodily functions, Vee remained in her condo, other than when I lifted her out for some playtime.  Eventually I opened up the crate’s door to the outside – and within seconds, Vee figured out this meant freedom!

Time has gone by quickly and Vee is now almost 11 months old. She is an all weather kind of gal – equally excited by a sunny day:

Or mounds of snow and ice to run  and dig through::

Even in sleep she is devil may care, eschewing the curled up fetal position for a paws flung out – wherever she flops:

Snuggling with a few special friend:

Even  her toy bin can be a perfect nap site:

Having.a female puppy for the first time,  I knew that she would need to be spayed at around 6 months of age – but jump starter that she is – Vee went into heat early so I had to wait a few months for the blood levels to return to normal.  I rescheduled her surgery for April 16.  Vee’s appointment was at dawn, which mean we left the house in the dark and she was a bit confused.  Knowing that she would need to stay at the hospital overnight and I am prone  to overthink and stress out, I planned upon return to clean the house and then head off to spend the night with my daughter – she is also nearer to the hospital so when I got the call the next day it would be a quicker pickup.

After a WTDGAP moment, when my mop broke – coincidentally right after I cleaned Vee’s condo and surrounding area, I headed out to Syosset to have a lovely day and sleepover,

Vee was all bathed and ready to go home at noon on Saturday but she looked a little worse for wear:

We spent a quiet evening cuddling on the couch until it was time for bed.  It took Vee awhile  to figure out how to lie down with the cone – I really dislike the contraption as it startles and scares the wearer –  it changes their perception of space, but it is necessary as it prevents Vee from licking at her incision site.  She did manage to eat and drink from her bowls (I switched  to smaller ones to insure they would fit within the cone’s circumference) and the next morning I was rewarded with a tail wagging if a bit woeful Lady Vee who quickly got back to her tiny hunter role on our first short walk – no 6 mile journeys for awhile

What a little trouper!



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