Dawn of a new year

Once again, sadly, I cannot mark  the anniversary of this blog as in the past  with a review of special moments from trips taken during the year.  We continue to be in the grips of a pandemic whose tentacles of new variants attempt to snuff out our plans of returning to our “normal lives.”

However, even in the midst of this  past year’s tragedies and disappointments there have been heartwarming moments, particularly the life affirming support, love and compassion of family and dear friends which are critical to anyone’s survival of this past year’s storms, In addition,  there are reminders that while enjoying simple pleasures  and small successes cannot totally replace our desires, but they can  provide glimpses of what can be in our future if we continue to  look forward – and hope.

Last year I looked forward to getting inoculated against Covid 19 – I am now and also boostered.  I updated my list of future journeys and will continue to do so – planning a trip is also rewarding emotionally and physically.  I gloried in those special experiential windows of spending a day at the pool with friends, or sitting down outside, and rarely, inside a restaurant for a delicious meal. Each activity included laughter, love and high spirits.

I have made it my goal to keep in touch with all those I cannot yet see in person –  with promises of great big hugs and kisses when we do finally get together.

I have met and become friends with a number of fellow dog owners so my hikes and walks with  Vee are even more fun.

Vee discovered the fun of swimming with the kids:

I have rediscovered the joy of reading books – last year’s pandemic onslaught had  dulled  my senses so that I couldn’t concentrate for very long.

I am thankful for every second spent with  my family and friends.

I also want to once again thank each and every one of you who not only read my blog but send comments.  I so appreciate your support and am so happy that you continue to enjoy my stories and photos.  I promise to do all I can to keep you entertained.

May you all stay well and safe and I implore us all to most importantly, stay hopeful.






  1. Happy Holidays Cindy- Diana & I made it to our ski cottage in Quebec for this winter! We enjoy reading your updates! Write on! Parker

    • Parker I am so happy to hear from you!!!!! Glad you got to Quebec – I am staying close to home in the hopes that this latest pandemic wave will burn out by end of month – hopefully I can then resume travel plans – Happy New Year- stay well!!! Cindy

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