After out fun-filled afternoon of nostalgia, we were ready to get down to some serious birthday celebrating – so as mentioned in last week’s post, we kicked it off with  preliminary cocktails in the marvelous Sunken Lounge seen above and and this pic from the JFK hotel Website:

The Sunken Lounge has floor to ceiling window s that  offer unfettered  view of the terminal as well as the attractions outside including an ice rick and the Connie Airplane/Bar. The flap-bar display in the center roast ting views of 1962 flight status as well as hearts and logos.  To complete the nostalgic mood, a constant stream of tunes from the 1960’s played.

Drinks were served at a rather mundane kiosk just above the lounge and the drinks were in plastic cups with the TWA logo.  However my “Quickie Vacation” and Lenore’s  “22 Right”   –  were delish.  These were followed by another round of 22 Right for both of us.

While we drank we took in the sight and chatted worth fellow visitors/travelers.  One young lady sported a First Lady Jackie Kennedy pink pillbox hat and matching ensemble – she was also totally into the 60’s fashion and thoroughly enjoyed Lenore’s vintage scarves:

In the lounge we also met and played with the first of a number of adorable visitors:

As you have surmised, the TWA Hotel is dog friendly!

After awhile it was time to move on to some libations on the Connie Aircraft:

Here is a brief blurb from the hotel’s website about the Connie’s storied history:

Commissioned in 1939 by TWA’s eccentric owner, Howard Hughes,  the Lockheed Constellation “Connie” broke the era’s transcontinental speed record on a flight from Burbank, California, to New York in 1946. The plane also served as Air Force One (top) for President Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 1950s.

The interior of the Connie still retains the renovated vintage plaid cushioned forward facing plaid seats as well as some more modern chairs and small, white cocktail tables:

The cockpit is also authentic:

Unfortunately a modern day glitch rendering the computer/register inoperable forcing the bar to shut down – in other words, no drinks.  We did meet some fun people nonetheless and another cutie pie:

All was copacetic – we were ready for our dinner reservations in the Paris Cafe  restaurant located in the upper level in the original Saarinen-designed Paris Cafe location. The menu is designed by award-winning chef Jean-George with inspiration from the meals originally served:

If you have been following my travel exploits over the years you know that we have a tradition on the last evening of a trip and luckily for us, Jean-George obliged:

After a post dinner Amaretto we took one more stroll around the hall and then headed for a blissful sleep.  We had one more dining experience in the Lisbon Lounge – also on the upper level – for breakfast before we left and it didn’t disappoint:


Fully satisfied, we said our goodbyes, headed home and have now gone back to a healthy diet  – but it was worth every calorie!


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