After a blissful day gently wending our way through the backwaters in our lovely houseboat we reached our home base for the next three days:  the Kumarakom Lake Resort, and my eyes couldn’t stare more widely at what was my image of paradise on earth.  From the moment we docked:

To walking through the grounds to my villa:


To entering my villa :

Going through another door to my outside bathroom and shower:


Oh – and my very own plunge pool:

There was just one item that somewhat marred this idyllic setting, not because of its looks as it was beautiful.



This is a traditional  Manichithrathazhu lock for doors, known for its intricacy, beauty and efficiency.  It is opened with a large brass key:

In theory it is simple to open and close this lock. After inserting the key, one must lift the lever out of the padlock. This releases the horizontal bars that secure both doors together – once they are retracted, the doors open inward.  To lock, the reverse is done.

In reality my brain refused this procedure – I think it was too submerged in the bliss of the surroundings to want to actually think.  For my stay, I simple pushed the levers manually to close the doors, but never used the key to lock it.  I did lock my TSA closure of my suitcase to keep important items in safety, not that this was really needed.  I was in paradise.  And my love was about to kick into overdrive.


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